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Decoding time station signals (DCF77 etc.) with a microcontroller

By Peter Baier (DK7IH) Abstract This article shows how to apply a off-the-shelf time signal receiver to a microcontroller, refers about the signal coding and describes the necessary software written in “embedded C”. Hardware Receiver modules are available through various vendors on the internet, a respective search pattern could be this one. Time signal transmitters…

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Revising the “Lean Design Transceiver”

  The “Lean Design Transceiver” has been a project to build a simplified but effective 100% analog SSB QRP transceiver with minimum effort. The radio worked fine but there is never anything that can not be improved. So, this transceiver, originally built in 2018, also has been scheduled for a revision. The problems were minor, …

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“Gimme Five” reloaded – A compact 5 band QRP SSB transceiver in SMD technology – TRANSMITTER spectrum analysis

Abstract The 10 watts peak envelope power linear transmitter for single sideband operation will be examined. Test conditions are: 10 watt pep on every band, rf line terminated with 50 ohm dummy load, input audio two-tone signal identically applied for each measurement. Measurements have been taken with RIGOL DSA815 spectrum analyzer, RIGOL DS1054 digital oscilloscope…

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