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SSB Transceiver, 7MHz, 50 Watts, with Dual-DDS-System

In this paper we will discuss a single sideband amateur radio transmitter/receiver for the 40 meter band that has been designed to ensure  good performance characteristics with reasonable number of parts (no “overkill” in component use), particularly concerning the receiver. Circuit simplicity and over-average performance were to be combined. The background: Some years ago I…

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A compact handheld QRP SSB transceiver for 14 MHz

by Peter Rachow (DK7IH)    => Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels Notice: Read about the software for this DDS-controlled transceiver here: I have really been satisfied with my last QRP SSB rig. It performs very fine. But I wanted a transceiver still a little bit smaller. And it should be easier to set up the…

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