Amateur Radio Transceivers and Equipment

In this section you will find detailed description of my homemade amateur radio radio equipment, mainly two-way radios for single sideband modulation (SSB). Also known as “QRP” radios. But also a lot of microcontroller-related material. Please keep in mind that the designs are free for non-commercial use and for educational purposes. Any commercial exploitation would violate this copyright. Thank you!

Simple GPS-Decoder (NMEA) with STM32F4 using USART

A simple way of decoding NMEA/GPS-signals with an STM32F411-MCU will be described. Software in Embedded C also will be discussed with a special stress on proper USART baudrate calculation.



A Dual Audio Frequency Generator with 2 DDS modules

This project replaces the analog 2-tone oscillator described in a former project. Equipped with 2 AD9850 DDS ICs and an STM32F microcontroller it provides much more precise setting and variation of the frequency of the 2 audio tones used for testing the linearity of an SSB transmitter.


“Gimme Five” reloaded – A compact 5 band QRP SSB transceiver in SMD technology

(Bands: 3,5MHz, 7MHz, 14MHz, 18MHz, 21MHz)

Oscillators, Microcontroller (MCU)




An experimental HF 6-band SSB transceiver

(Bands: 1.8MHz, 3,5MHz, 7MHz, 14MHz, 21MHz, 28MHz)



High performance transceiver for voice communication on 14MHz

Transmitter Improvement


A “lean design” SSB-Transceiver for 14 MHz




The “Cigarette Pack” Transceiver (14MHz, SSB, 4Watts PEP)

Micro QRP Transceiver for SSB 14 MHz by DK7IH






A mid-power portable/handheld SSB transceiver for 14MHz

Circuit, Schematic and Discussion on Oscillators

Mid-power SSB transceiver for 14MHz - DK7IH 2021






Going back in time: “Old school” transceiver for 20 meters with 20 watts of output






The “Micro42” – Another “shirt pocket” SSB transceiver.


Circuit, Schematic and Discussion

The Micro42 - A really pocket sized SSB QRP transceiver for 7MHz







The „Micro20 III“ – A Simplified Pocket Size SSB Transceiver for 14 MHz

Circuit, Schematic and Discussion




My 1st “Shirt-pocket” transceiver (re-engineered)





An ultra compact QRO transceiver for 40 Meters with

SSB transceiver for 40 Meters with 50 Watts of output

50 to 70 watts output power

QRP SSB multiband transceiver (5 bands/10 Watts PEP)

Final assembly of the 5 band 10 watts QRP SSB transceiver( (C) 2016 Peter Rachow - DK7IH)





A compact handheld QRP SSB transceiver for 14 MHz

A handheld compact SSB QRP transceiver for 14 MHz (20 meter band) by Peter Rachow (DK7IH)

Circuit, Schematic and Discussion