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Due to high receipt of orders I regret that I have to postpone any new orders until further notice. DK7IH QRP-Shop is a one-man business and not my main occupation. Thus any new orders currently can not be processed. Pending orders will be handled as normal. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Peter (DK7IH)

Welcome to my new QRP-Shop! I am currently setting up some products like PCBs, fully assembled radios and other QRP-related material that I have developed the recent years. If you should have any question about a product, shipping or other topics, or if you would like to purchase an item, please mail to:


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    • EU/World: 10,-€

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    • EU/World: please ask peter(at)

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Current offers

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SSB Transceiver Kits

QRP Modules

Test Equipment

14MHz-Walkie-Talkie SSB Transceiver

DK7IH SSB poratable QRP transceiver (aka "Walkie Talkie")
DK7IH SSB poratable QRP transceiver (aka “Walkie Talkie”)

A handheld SSB-Transceiver for 14MHz (can be adapted to 18MHz with some minor changes).

#1: PCBs only. 3 ready-to-assemble PCBs (mainboard, front and back), all holes drilled and coated with protective solderable paint.

Price: 38€ or USD (other currencies on request)

#2: All coils ready for soldering

Price: 20€ or USD (other currencies on request)

#3: The 3 PCBs fully assembled and tested

Price: 140€ or USD (other currencies on request)

#4: Complete radio – ready to use (no microphone included, all necessary data will be supplied to connect an electret mike)

Price: 222,-€ or USD (other currencies on request)


PCB for Front Panel
Example: PCB for Front Panel

In stock

Si5351 Universal VFO/LO for multiband transceiver

This VFO/LO can be used for a multiband transceiver project. It covers 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m band. The software can drive either a Nokia5110 b/w display or an ST7735 colored unit. There 8 driver stages for setting band relays in a band pass filter unit (BPF) and (in parallel) the low pass filters following the final amplifier stage.

If a gain controlled transmitter amplifier is used, the VFO provides a gain value (DC voltage) that can be set manually for each band individually to compensate gain loss when higher bands are used. A T/R relay also is on board.

Analog inputs are freely configureable: User keys, S-Value, TX output power measurement, indicator for TX mode. More on request!

Power supply is 12 to 14V DC.

Detailed project page


  • PCBs only: 14€/USD,
  • Complete module, ready to use: 75,-€/USD (LCD and rotary encoder not included).

Currently under revision -> not available.

Any questions? Please ask!


SSB Generator with MC1496N

Classical QRP Circuits - An SSB generator with an MC1496N
Classical QRP Circuits – An SSB generator with an MC1496N

A PCB or kit for an SBB generator applying the MC1496N IC.

Module description in English / Modulbeschreibung auf Deutsch


  • PCB only: 7€/USD.
  • Kit (Board, uA714, MC1496, Relay, 4 crystals for SSB filter as well a the capacitors for the filter): 20€/USD.

In stock

Transmit Mixer with MC1496N

TX Mixer with MC1496N
TX Mixer with MC1496N

A PCB for use in an SSB trasnmitter. Converst SSB input by mixing VFO frequeny to desired output frequency.

Module description in English / Modulbeschreibung auf Deutsch


  • PCB only: 5€/USD.
  • Kit (PCB, MC1496, 2 coils for desired output frequency): 15€/USD.

In stock

SSB QRP PA module 10Watts PEP

10W PEP SSB QRP PA module
10W PEP SSB QRP PA module

A compact SSB linear amplifier for usage in a transmitter or transceiver:

Module description in English / Modulbeschreibung auf Deutsch


  • PCB only: 7€/USD. (in stock)
  • PCB + 2 final transistors (2SC2078): 20€/USD (transistors currently not in stock)


Si5351 VFO module (8kHz to 160MHz)

Si5351 VFO (by Peter (DK7IH))
Si5351 VFO (by Peter (DK7IH))

This is a simple but very versatile variable frequency oscillator (VFO) for single- or multiband radios. For this kit no SMD soldering is required!

For more details, please see the respective article in English…

You can chose between three options:

  • #1 PCB only, ready to be assembled: 8€/USD
  • #2 PCB plus MCU (ATMega168) plus Si5351 mounted to breakout-boards: 20€/USD
  • #3 Ready-to-use module: 30€/USD.

Currently under revision -> not available.

AD9951 VFO module (0.1 to 60MHz)

These oscillators are really high-performance concerning usable bandwidth AND signal purity. They can be used to build a VFO with a large frequency span (up to 60MHz with on-board 200MHz clock oscillator or higher depending on master clock rate).

3 Versions are available:

  • AD9951 with ATMega328 MCU
  • AD9951, no MCU, no amplifier (“bare bones”)
  • AD9951 with INA52063 amplifier, no MCU

For more details, please refer to the respective article in English.

Main features of this project:

  • Integrated DDS-chip: AD9951.
  • Max. output frequency: 60MHz.
  • Output waveform: Sinewave.
  • Supply voltage: 5V (3.3V on request).
  • Master clocks that can be used must be 3.3V types. All clock rates between 50 and 400 MHz are allowed. For oscillators with lower frequencies the software that you will get for free when buying the module contains a clock multiplier routine. For example with an 100MHz oscillator you can achieve a 400MHz clock rate.
  • Output impedance: 50 ohms, low pass filtered.
  • Output voltage: 500mV approx., +/- 3 dB over full bandwidth without INA52063 amplifier, about 2Vpp. with INA52063.

Version 1: Complete VFO with microcontroller on board

Universal DDS VFO (f_max = 60 MHz) for use in homemade QRP transceiver
Universal DDS VFO (f_max = 60 MHz) for use in homemade QRP transceiver with MCU (ATMega168 or 328) on board.

This board contains an AD9951 DDS chip by Analog devices and an ATMega168 (ATMega328 available on request, add +1.5€/USD) or other MCU (please ask for pricing!)

All connectors not used for the DDS are connected to header strips so that they can be accessed by the user which makes this board very versatile.


  • 110 to 125 €/USD ready-to-use module (depending on MCU of your choice)
  • 12€/US$ board only

Please see the respective page for detailed info on this project! If you should have further questions, please do not hesitate asking with peter(at)

Version 2: VFO for external microcontroller

AD9951 Frequency generator
AD9951 Frequency generator

This module is designed for an external microcontroller (3.3 or 5V type). Thus control lines of this module can be driven by any microcontroller (Arduino included) running an appropriate SPI software. A software written in “Embedded C” for various microcontrollers (AVR or STM32) is available and will be provided for free when you buy this VFO. Please ask for details with peter(at)


  • 90€/USD ready-to-use module
  • 10€/US$ board only

In stock

Version 3: VFO for external microcontroller plus out amplifier (INA52063)

This version adds an MMIC amplifier (1.5GHz max. bandwidth) by Hewlett-Packard to enhance signal amplitude to about 1.5 to 2 Vpp.

  • 100€/USD ready-to-use module

In stock

Crystal controlled local oscillatorLocal oscillator (assembled)

Detailed description

A simple circuit to provide carrier and SSB demodulation signal for an SSB (or CW) QRP radio. Size about 35 by 27 millimeters. Uses standard transistors and 1 crystal. A tuning capacitor (standard trimmer) and a tapped coil (to be extra purchases) switched for the desired sideband serve as tuning elements for the respective correct frequency.


  • PCB only: 5€/USD
  • Tuning coil (ready to use): 4€/USD.

(In stock)

5MHz Colpitts VFO (LC tuned)

Colpitts VFO (integrated in 20m-"Old school" transceiver)
Colpitts VFO (integrated in 20m-“Old school” transceiver)

Detailed description



(In stock)




DK7IH - Simple Two-Tone-Generator (PCB only)
Simple Two-Tone-Generator (PCB only)

This device can be used to check the linearity of an SSB transmitter. See the related article on this website!

There are three options to choose from:

#1: PCB only. A ready-to-assemble PCB, all holes drilled an coated with protective solderable paint.

Price: 12€ or USD (other currencies on request) In stock

#2: PCB fully assembled and tested

Price: 18€ or USD (other currencies on request) In stock

#3: Complete generator – ready to use

DK7IH - Simple Two-Tone-Generator (Ready to use)
Simple Two-Tone-Generator (Ready to use)

Price: 35€ or USD (other currencies on request)

(in stock again!)