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“Gimme Five” reloaded – A compact 5 band QRP SSB transceiver in SMD technology – TRANSMITTER spectrum analysis

Abstract The 10 watts peak envelope power linear transmitter for single sideband operation will be examined. Test conditions are: 10 watt pep on every band, rf line terminated with 50 ohm dummy load, input audio two-tone signal identically applied for each measurement. Measurements have been taken with RIGOL DSA815 spectrum analyzer, RIGOL DS1054 digital oscilloscope…

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An experimental HF 6-band SSB transceiver – Part 5: Analog Affairs – Getting Measurement Data

This short article will describe the adapter board that is connected to analog data sources and that is converting the respective voltage data into suitable voltage levels for the ADC inputs PA0:PA4 at the microcontroller: The following data will be converted and later shown on the display: User keys (Key1:Key3) TX power measurement PA temperature…

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