Shrinking a QRP transceiver to (nearly) the size of a pack of cigarettes

Hint: This article is only a preview to this miniature sideband transceiver. The full description can be found here:

The challenge started some weeks ago, when John, ZL2TCA, commented to this blog

you next challange is to build a rig into a cigerette packet size case.

My problem: I don’t smoke, have never smoked and probably never will. 😉 But I have a new transceiver for 20 meters, that might come close to the dimensions of a pack of “cancer sticks”.

DK7IH pocket sized qrp transceiver 20-4 a
DK7IH pocket sized QRP transceiver 20-4

The transceiver is nearly the same circuit as applied with the “Micro 20-III” but uses a single ended final amplifier instead of a push-pull circuit. I hope to find time the next days to publish an article on this rig featuring full description of the radio. Currently I’m in the IOTA contest and working stations from all over Europe.

73 de Peter

10 thoughts on “Shrinking a QRP transceiver to (nearly) the size of a pack of cigarettes”

  1. Hi Peter
    Wow, a magnificent effort. Looking forward to your article on the construction.
    Hmmm now what can I challange you to next, do you own a microscope hi.
    John ZL2TCA

  2. We have something in common, even I don’t smoke, have never smoked and probably never will. 😉

    Looking forward to seeing this project details Peter. Also if you could share some performance videos of this project , would be nice.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Peter, a long time with no news about you, congratulation for the new “creature”.I have posted this info and there is a lot of people interested in build it and I think(with your help) I can make a pcb .Please let me know if you can share with me some tip to try to do a layout for more easy building.
    Jc WJ6C, exCo6BG

    1. Hello Juan Carlos, thanks for giving me another call. I hope everything is good with you and your family. Unfortunately I don’t have hints about a PCB layout because I have never built a rig with a PCB (believe it or not 😉 ). I still live on Veroboards. 😉 73 de Peter

  4. Remarkable! I am impressed with how you take the constraint (the size of a cigarette pack) as the main design driver. Hoping to see the blog post sometime.

  5. Kind time of day! Whether it is possible to replace the BF991 transistor with the BF998 transistor?
    I try to repeat your scheme, but I cannot find the BF991 transistor.

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